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It will help you gain your maximum desired weight.

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It will improve your skins complexion & give you glowing skin.

It will help increase your appetite.

It will increase your bodies protein synthesis.

Why We Should Take Weight gain Capsules?

Weight gain capsules increase appetite which will make you feel hungry after few hours of eating a meal. This helps you to consume bigger meals, as well as makes you eat more often. The crucial aspect to gain weight quickly is to increase your calorie intake and this is exactly what weight gain pills do.Making it a harmless way to gain weight with no side effects.


1 capsule thrice a day daily for 1 month i.e.after breakfast, after lunch & after dinner with milk or water.

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Delivery Time : 24 to 48 hours

Maintenance Period

2nd month: Daily 1 capsule twice a day i.e. after two main meals.

3rd month: Daily 1 capsule before going to bed.


1 box Contains 90 capsules for a 1 month course.

2 box Contains 180 capsules for a 3 month course.


Rs. 2500/- for 1 month course

Rs. 4000/- for a complete 3 month course

Cost For Dubai & UAE Customers

AED 200/- for 1 month course

AED 350/- for a complete 3 month course

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